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In every home there are different interior Designs for every rooms and each of these rooms plays any important role. There are some home owners who choose the music room as their favourite spot because this is the part of the house wherein they can entertain their visitors or spend quality time with the other members of the family.

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The Open Room Concept

The open room concept works well for families with multiple musicians. Possibly it is where the kids sit with the parents and practice their art together. For musical families, this design works well for jamming with each other or performing for friends.

In-Home Music Rooms for Children

This is a best idea of introducing music to children early and incorporating an atmosphere of music into their room interior design. This allows children to freely try different musical instruments and finding one that resonates with them early in their life. Giving the gift of music is a life-long gift they will have with them their whole life.

Piano Room 

Put it in a living room. A living room is one room in the home that is not always used. So give it a new purpose and call it the piano room. Keep the piano in the front room, away from the rest of the house, so kids and adults can practice daily without disturbing others in the rest of the home.

Drumming circle

A bash-the-lights-out-of-them-drums session, which can be as relaxing as meditation music to some. The important thing to remember is what works for you.

 Importance of Lighting Choices

Lighting serves two purposes in a music room. One is purely functional by providing enough light to see, especially sheet music. The second is for ambience. This is especially necessary for a performance room or recording studio. The psychological effect of lighting impacts the musicians’ performances. Some rooms will have natural light and artificial, whereas most recording studios rely on artificial lighting.


A room used just for practicing will require seating for the musician and possibly additional seating. So the type of furniture you need for a music room depends on how many people will be using it. The style of furniture you select should be in keeping with the look you wish to maintain in the music room.

First you need Musician chair with full of comfort, including an adjustable foot rest, cushioned seat and backrest and height adjustment after that Include a couple of comfortable chairs or a lounger for listening to music, especially performance playback.

Hitting the Right Notes for Boys

Some teen boys might like guitars mounted on the walls. If you have a drummer in your home, then set a stage just for the drums. Use various posters angled on the wall behind your drummer and be sure to add a couple of corner spotlights or actual stage lights to complete the effect. Paint the stage black or cover it with thick padding and carpeting. Use a colour palette of black and red, orange and purple, black and blue or green and brown.

Install a couple of floating shelves low enough for your children to reach and place colourful plastic bins to hold toy musical instruments. Graphics in wallpaper, borders, or decals can add a few touches to your design. If you’re artistic, paint a scene across one wall of cute animals marching and playing musical instruments.

Tune into Designs for Anyone’s Room

If you have a vintage collection of vinyl records, print copies of the jackets to create wall art that’s sure to make you smile each time you look at it. For the crafty music maker, transform a used nightstand with chalk paint and then decoupage sheet music onto the table top. If you use boxes for storage, cover in musical wrapping paper and then decoupage with music themed decals and motifs.

Decorating with Music Albums

A colourful pillow or baroque wall plaques from The Music Stand gives a small touch without overpowering.
Another Wireless must-have is perfect for the classic look only a turntable can give. Make it modern by selecting one that also has a USB so you can convert your favourite vinyl into digital tunes.

An Easy Waltz music mural, such as electric guitars with musical notes, becomes a backdrop for your design.

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