Top 5 sites to find non-copyrighted music for YouTube

I was watching my wedding video CD and suddenly a question came in my mind that all these my favorite movies songs added in my wedding video require any license or any permission?

Then I found out that till, I am using it for my personal use it doesn’t require any type of license or permission but if I use it for any commercial use then it is mandatory to acquire special permissions and license agreement otherwise YouTube’s Audio ID technology will scans and detects all copyrighted music used in my video and will take action depending on the copyrights holder.

Non-copyrighted music or royalty free sounds is that music or sound that you can download free of charge and can use it in your project or video freely without acquiring any license or permission.

Mind here, there is difference between free music and copyright free music. Copyright free music can be downloaded for free but while using it you may face copyright issues depending on the usage.

If you are an online video creator, you should always use non-copyrighted music for your video project to avoid any copyright violation later.

Here, I am listing top five sites where you can easily find out non-copyrighted music of your choice.

Non-copyrighted music for YouTube


Since 2001, this website has been providing several royalty free music, sound effects or tracks that can be used by film makers, sound producer, multimedia people and many more.

These all sound tracks and music are royalty free, free of cost, the only thing they want from you that you provide backlinks to their site or mention their website name in your credits. 

2. Incompetech

It is one of my favourite site to go. Incompetech is a leading website known for its wide collection of royalty free music. An American composer and music producer, Kevin MacLeod provides number of tracks and sound effects from his royalty free music library on his website, Incompetech.

So just enjoy the customizable songs from this library. Here, you will find all sorts of sound tracks from horror to pop. All he wants from you to give proper attribution to his website or if you are not interested in this proposal, you can pay $30 per song and buy a license.

3. Partners In Rhyme

Since 1996, this website is known for their royalty free midi music loops and background sound effects that allows musicians to offer a very fart performance on stage or can be used by multimedia producers to serve their purpose.

This website offers a very wide collection of soundtracks including Hollywood, Bollywood, piano, orchestral, horror, suspense, theme songs tracks for your bigger moments etc.

4. Musopen

Musopen is a non-profit organization that basically known for its royalty free classical music collection. This website offers a very wide collection of classical music along with sheet music and music theory textbooks, you can use it freely without any copyright violation. This site will provide you a wide variety of sound tracks, you can search your favourite music by clicking on the composer, performer, instrument used, and time period of your choice.

You just have to register with Musopen before downloading any music file.

5. DanoSongs

Dan-O is a singer and songwriter who offers royalty free instrumental music that you can use freely for your video or audio projects. All he wants in return is that you provide credit or backlinks to his website in your project.

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These all Non-copyrighted music or royalty free sounds website retains all copyrights for their collections. You will be penalized if you will trying to resell or relicense their collection or provide their collection to download on your personal website.

It’s my personal advice that always use these royalty free sounds available to avoid any copyright issue, you can use any of these sites described above to find the music for your latest online videos.

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