Top 10 Useful SEO Tools for Webmaster

Being an SEO and a website owner we think about improving our website every day. So no matter what we do, we are constantly thinking about adding something new, improving something old, buying new links, getting the help of new software and following the trends. Where we invest a lot of time and money on our website we need a good output for that in the form of web traffic.

In the middle of all these things it is very difficult to keep track of the development, maintenance and performance of the website, to know about this it is better to take help from experts and that’s exactly where webmaster comes in. rather than wasting money on other things, experts believe that it’s better to spend money on webmaster. If you don’t want to invest in webmaster there are online webmasters that are free, so once you start using the free version and you find it effective you can upgrade or shift to the paid webmasters. If you are looking for best webmasters, here is a list that will help you to get best webmasters for free and paid.

Google webmaster tool

This is the king of all webmaster tool, even if you are already using another webmaster this will help you with a lot of things including your SEO. You can submit the sitemap for your web or you can also set the preferred country for your web search. This serves best when it comes to local websites because where other webmasters lack in this area google webmaster has it all. You can also set your preferred URL type and you will get all the details about your web statics and also how your keywords affect the search.

Bing webmaster tool

Bing is defiantly a great option because it has same features as google webmaster with the slight addition of Yahoo and Bing perspective. Before Bing webmaster, yahoo site explorer was the webmaster every SEO expert use to love but it was soon cancelled. With Bing webmaster, you get best results with the addition of both Yahoo and google in the form of Bing. It also has additional features like SEO analyzer and research tool.

Uptime Robot

If you are looking for a free webmaster and you want to be notified even when you are not online this is defiantly the best. Uptime robot keeps monetizing your website after every 5 minutes, which means you are not missing out on anything. This webmaster will notify you via email, text or even through social media like twitter whenever your website goes down. So if you want to stay informed this is defiantly for you, it just takes two minutes to set the whole tool and it is great monitoring purpose. The only problem is that you will be receiving a lot of texts and notification whenever your website is down.

Google page speed insight

Web optimization is one of the basic problems that most of the web owners face every day. There are websites of companies that crash on opening or even there are websites that load too slow and the user gets frustrated. In order to avoid all these issues google page speed insight is best for you. It is not only free but it works effectively explaining the loading speed of your website. all you have to do is enter the URL of your website and you can check everything that is slowing the speed via your desktop and phone where ever you want.

Choosing the right keyword is ranked as one of the biggest problems when it comes to writing web content. With you can simply type in any keyword and you will end up with 750 different keywords based on the single keyword. It has an added feature of narrowing down the keywords according to the area in order to help the local websites.

Google analytics

Google analytics explains all the things you need to know about your web traffic. It will help you to understand everything about your website including the keyword-generating the traffic, the location with most traffic what is affecting the traffic and why your web traffic is low and high. It also provides detail explanation about which page they stay on, which page they exit from and other things included which helps with the SEO of the page.

Google trends

Google trends are something that provides clear view of everything on your website. It is best for bloggers and e-commerce website. When you see e-commerce websites they offer some products, so if you want to know what products are popular and what is no more effective. This defiantly best for you, you will get your result in the form of graphs indicating the results from most popular to less popular.

Similar web

Similar web helps you to find your competition in the business. By knowing your competition you can not only get keywords but also use their strategy to help you with the web traffic. This is defiantly a big plus apart from other webmaster and it is effective and free.

Find broken links

It is one of the most highly used webmasters by the SEO. Most of the SEO experts love to use broken links as their way of generating the web traffic. It helps with finding the broken links on your websites to avoid the problem as well as find broken links from other websites to help you connect to their broken links for traffic.


Copyscape is completely free for everyone. It points out any type of duplicate content on your website or in other websites. Duplicate content is pointed out by Google and on further work, the websites using duplicate content are pulled down in ranking. So, if you want to avoid that problem Copyscape is defiantly the best options for you. This webmaster is best especially if there are a lot of contributors on the same website or even if you are a blogger or an e-commerce website owner. It is very easy to use and free of cost, all you have to do is enter your website URL and it will point out other websites that have similar web content.

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