Tips for Choosing a Travel Backpack:

More and more schools and businesses are requiring that students and employees wear a clear backpack. Why?

The rise in violence due to hidden weapons being brought to school make it necessary to take protective measures to safeguard children.

Security checks for workers at casinos, retail stores and any other business that wants to prevent theft are another reason the use of Travel packs continues to rise.

And in today’s security conscious world, there are more long lines to check your bags at entrances to amusement parks, ballparks and NASCAR races.

Making it easy to visually check your pack’s contents by using the best tactical backpack will certainly minimize the hassle at the checkpoint.

There are dozens of Travel pack brands, including K-Cliff and Bag Republic, offering a variety of choices that range from super-cheap thin plastic bags to thicker, well-designed packs with solid construction.

With durability, a key consideration, take the time to review these packs at both ends of the price spectrum to ensure you get what you pay for.

Travel Backpack: Factors For Selection

Travel vs. Mesh – There are two viable choices for satisfying the requirement for see-through backpacks. Travel bags have the advantage of complete visibility and being water resistant to keep your books, binders and valuables dry. Mesh backpacks may be more durable and breathable for more comfort, but do not totally protect the contents from rain and dirt. Both types usually come in tinted color choices and can be personalized with names or logos.

Safety Concerns – Better visibility and transparency allows teachers and security personnel to view pack contents without much hassle, so that you can move on without waiting for inspection. The greater use of Travel bags can decrease time spent at the checkout point and keep the situation pleasant, not too personal.

Durability Factors – Travel packs are made from different thicknesses of vinyl plastic. Realize that cheaper backpacks are probably made with thinner vinyl that is less durable and prone to tears. Better quality packs use higher gauge plastic and double stitch sturdy handles and shoulder straps into fabric-lined seams for added strength.

Privacy Concerns – Many people are uncomfortable about exposing their backpack contents for full public view and losing a sense of privacy. In reality, the rise of security measures makes it necessary to be more open to bag searches and checkpoint questions. Using a Travel pack is a better see-through approach to these concerns than having to empty out your regular pack contents all over the counter for everyone to gawk at.

Quality Check – Besides checking for extra thick vinyl material, there are a few quality checks to ensure your Travel pack meets higher standards. Heavy duty zippers and easy to find zipper pulls make it easier to open and close the pack without tugs or tussles that can jam or rip cheaper packs. A strong, sturdy handle helps to avoid dragging the bag by the straps and wearing out the bottom. And take a good look at the amount of reflective material, whether wide stripe bands or along the trim, used to increase visibiity for nighttime use.

Travel Backpack: Tips For Buyer Satisfaction

Reflective Material – With a large number of cheap brands available, check the amount of reflective material sewn into the pack borders or as highly visible stripes or bands. The better quality packs have up to three feet of reflective trim to catch light from motorists and night lights to increase overall visibility.

Personalized Packs – To overcome the ordinary look of a Travel pack, many brands offer to personalize a student’s pack with a name, a school mascot logo or other designs. For fundraising events and business events, using Travel packs for a special event is a good way to promote your cause.

Weather Protection – The major advantage of a plastic pack over mesh is protection from weather and dirty environments. Try to ensure that the vinyl is temperature resistant adn UV treated to avoid fading in sunlight. And check the seams for double stitching to prevent water seepage during hard rains.

Warranty Check – Do your homework and check for warranty guarantees, if any, on any Travel pack you purchase. Some companies specialize in providing higher quality packs than cheap factory made models, and offer warranties from three months to three years. Price is a good indicator for quality, but always check the guarantee too.

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