Sleep Apnea, Purring, and Deaths while Sleeping

Sleep Apnea, which means stopping breath while sleeping, still very underrated in Indonesia. Whereas the study of Indonesian Society of Sleep Medicine found no small number. In Jakarta alone, there was 20 percent of its victims. Does not very much with Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan.

Sleep Apnea (AP-ne-ah)

May still be ignored because the symptoms are very usual, snoring. The two main symptoms of sleep apnea is ngorok and excessive sleepiness during the day (hypersomnia).

At the time of sleep, breath channel is relaxed and limp to narrows. As a result, despite the movement of the breath, no air can pass through. Like the choke during sleep pendengkur will awaken for a moment and then sleep again.

Imagine if someone awakens short hundreds of times throughout the night without waking. When waking up he will feel fresh and not continue to be sleepy during the day. No wonder pendengkur in United Kingdom Kingdom forbidden drive.

Due to the ceasing of breath, the oxygen down up repeatedly, and its effect on the heart is not underestimated. Repeatedly being slow heart rate, and then quickly while sleeping. Yes, the Laryngoscope in 2013 article states that snoring is more dangerous to the heart than high cholesterol and smoking habit.


First, the pendengkur should be promptly sent in the sleep lab beds. Examination with a tool named polysomnograph this to diagnose whether it is natural or someone snoring there ceasing his breath. The degree and type of sleep apnea is also so known.

From the results of the inspection, the new unknown what proper care for sufferers. Should it be through surgery, the use of dental appliances by a dentist or by the use of continuous positive airway pressure (ORAL)?

Currently, a wide range of scientific evidence continues to prove the dangers of snoring. Sleep apnea has been identified as the cause of hypertension, diabetes, various heart diseases, erectile dysfunction until death.

Sleep apnea is very dangerous and easy to spot. It’s a shame if ignored. If there is a friend or relatives sleep , not ridiculed. Warn for soon checked himself. You can save lives. You can also Also , Read Exercise and sleeping better.

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