How to protect yourself form Ransomware

Hey everyone as all of us heard about the Ransomware. Today I will tell you Ransomware and how you can protect yourself from Ransomware.

In simple words, if we say Ransomware is a virus that affects our system and steals our personal data and locked down our computer. If we try to open our computer during the process of the data or after that it will ask you to pay a huge cost for your personal data. Basically, this is a group of hacker that get into your system and ask for the money in return for your data.

In recent, the variant of ransomware“ wanna cry ransomware” has been finding out being infecting windows. It has been spotted in overall 70 countries.

In this case, the hacker asks the user for $300 ransom bitcoin for their data. If the user didn’t pay the amount in one week the amount get double and also your data can be deleted or leaked. In the first few hours of launch approx. 2,00,000 machines were infected including the biggest brands like Renault and NSH. So the first question arises what is ransomware in terms of technology.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a piece of malware that bock the victim’s access to his/her files and the only way to regain it is to pay some Ransom.

There are two type of Ransomware

  1.    Encrypting ransomware- which incorporates advanced encryption algorithms.
  2.    Locker ransomware- which locks the victim out of the operating system.

Precautions to prevent Ransomware

These are the things I personally recommend you to do to protect yourself from ransomware

  1.    Don’t store your personal data only on your pc make 2 back-ups of the data on the regular intervals i.e. on the external hard drive and also on some cloud storage like Dropbox, google drive. Etc
  2.    Make yourself up to date with the latest version of your windows and also with the security.
  3.    Don’t open spam mail from unknown senders, do not download the attachment file with the unknown sender. Also don’t even click on the spam emails to be on safer side.
  4.    Use a paid antivirus instead of going free because paid antivirus has more advanced features than the free version.
  5.    Use the ad blocker to prevent clicking form online ads.
  6.    If you use your laptop or computer on a daily basis start a log in with the guest account instead of administrator.
  7.    Don’t pay the ransomware to quickly. I have heard some cases that victim pays the amount to the ransom and the attacker refused to give his/her file back. Also sometimes, they will ask you for more money.
  8.    Remove the outdated plugins and add-ons this will increase the risk of ransomware. I personally use only those add-ons which I use on a daily basis.
  9.    If possible the use the setting of plugins when you need them only they are available unless and until they are off.
  10.    Also, change the browser and the privacy setting for better protection.

So these are some precaution you should definitely take to protect yourself from ransomware.

What to do after Ransomware attack

  1.    The the first and the foremost step is if you are connected to some network disconnect it right now.
  2.    If you have made the backup as per I guided before then clear your hard drive and install the new window.
  3.    If you don’t have any backup boot into safe mode and run your antivirus on full system scan. This may have the possibility to delete the infected file from your computer.
  4.    If you failed to delete the file or ransomware. First, identify by which Ransome ware you are affected and then check for the online that decrypter tool for that ransomware.
  5.    The most important thing doesn’t give any money to the ransom to quickly. First, try all the possibility to decrypt your data. you just don’t have to give up that you lost your data.


After discussing all these points that are mentioned above I can say that ransomware is just brought for the extortion on the global scale. Its all up to all of us, users, business owners etc. to disrupt it. Nowadays creating malware and ransomware threat to business owners should be treated as a lonely hacker. We know that we do not powerless in today generation we can do much more simple things to avoid ransomware.

So, stay safe and don’t forget to use the best protection and backup.You can also use Adware Removal Tool.

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