How one can earn money while traveling

Travelling around the world is and exploring new cities is a fun and wonderful activity. When you plan your trip it always costs you something, sometimes less and sometimes more.

What if you can make some money while having fun at the places you love?

This might not be easy but you can’t consider it impossible. If you earn some bucks on the way or during your trip you can utilize the money on your next trip and it will give you an opportunity to explore the world more and more. Your hobbies or any talent can help you earn some nice money easily.

Here are some of the best ways to earn money while traveling.

Record videos

YouTube is a great platform to earn some extra money with little efforts. On your way, you can record videos of any funny incidence, beautiful places or anything out of the box. If you don’t have good camera then you can check this post related to Best DSLR for videography

If you are traveling with friends, you can plan and record videos to upload. Any event or small show of place you are visiting can also be recorded. If you don’t know more about earning from YouTube and how to use then you can check step by step guide to create YouTube channel.

Capture images

It seems easier than recording videos but it are not. Only a perfect click can make money to you. While traveling it’s nothing strange if you come across some beautiful natural scenes. You just need to carry perfect camera to capture different views and sell  photos online. 

Images of famous destinations of place you are visiting or clicks on their culture can bring money to you. There are many websites where you can sell images.

Blog writing

You can create your own travel blog where your trip experiences, attractions of place you have visited or anything about traveling can be shared. If you want to create blog then you can search YouTube video of how to create and you will get thousands of step by step tutorial. You can also check my post on how to create a blog and start making money.

Also, you can write guest posts for some popular blogs in return for money. If you have good knowledge of other writing subjects as well as travel, you can seek other content writing projects to work on during your journey.

Beauty services

If you are experienced in beauty services like pedicure, manicure, facial or hair styling you can find a job in the hotels you stay. People find it difficult in hotels to find a hair stylist and it takes time to visit saloons when they are in hurry.

You can talk to the manager and deliver such services to earn nice money or you can just setup your service anywhere and start delivering your service.

You will not need to advertise your service or anything your customers will approach you on their own.

Sing and play

If you have a melodious voice or have knowledge of music and musical instruments, you can make money from your talent. Sing or play in music events on your trip and get paid for your little time.

Sing something lovely and different from your culture or play anything popular around the world.

Tour guide

If you are visiting the place the second time you can work as a tour guide in travel agencies. You can enjoy the trip along with earning a handsome money. During high seasons apply for freelance tour guide online for some famous travel agencies of place, you are visiting. Fix everything before you leave so that you don’t face any problem during your vacation.


If you think you have skills then travel the photographer can be the best job for you. Click pics of visitors at popular destinations and get paid for it. Advice people for perfect shots and make them believe that you can help them to capture the best.

If you are really good at your work, you can also work with travel companies and agencies to sell your service for a better earning.

Deliver lecture

If you are excellent on any the subject, you can deliver a lecture on colleges and universities of the place you are visiting. Many universities pay guest teachers to deliver a lecture on any specific subject.

What you need to do is to check for such options online and fix everything before you leave for your trip.

So, if you are planning your trip then don’t waste your time. Pack your bags and get ready to spend an amazing vacation alone or with your gang. Make your mind about what job you need and start searching the details now, so that your chances of getting a paid job could be boosted. You will love your trip more when it will bring some cash to you.

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