Must Have Travel Experiences In India

Dive deeper into the oceans and climb higher on the peaks of the snow-capped mountains. Rush down to the Southern parts of India while the East eagerly waits to meet you and greet you. Travel higher to the Northern most parts of our country and come down to turn West and explore the places there. Develop this urge of going everywhere and taking a sneak peek around every nook and corner of this country for India is a vault of hidden facts that must be dug up by you. So here are some of the must travel experiences in India that all of you must have and so take a look at it.  

Travel experiences in India – Let’s explore India


Beautiful snow slopes filled with some tall, elegant pine trees with the routes leading to the Pir Panjal range of the Majestic Himalayas is magical. In all probability, you will be welcomed by white flutters around you marking your arrival to the paradise on Earth. The warmest welcome you will experience in -2 degree Celsius. Click a zillion pictures in your mind, and store in your internal memory card forever because you will never see heaven on Earth ever again.  That’s the beauty of Gulmarg.


If you wish to evoke the utter magic and magnificence of the desert, there is nothing like Jaiselmer on the Indian map. The name in itself conjures up images of a desert, a ghagra-choli clad woman with her head covered and a man with a turban and a long moustache singing to the tunes of the desert. Not just in your imagination but the place is exactly like this for real. When it comes to hospitality in India, Rajasthan clearly tops the chart on all counts. Where else do people welcome you by singing, padhaaro mhaare desh (welcome to my land), with drums playing in the background and rose petals being showered on you! Have breakfast with peacocks or experience sundowner on the sand dunes; dine under the stars or find your shelter under fluttering canopies and cool breezes. Hotels in Jaisalmer organize some of the best excursions, from a temple trail to the haunted chudail trail, each experience is craft fully designed with luxury as a backdrop.


The smell of wet earth, the pitter patter of raindrops and a hot cup of tea being tossed from one mug to the other; Kerala is green, fresh and bursting with life especially during the Monsoons. The best way to experience the backwaters is to park yourself at one of the gorgeous resorts on the banks of Vembanad Lake. A houseboat trip into the backwaters of Alleypey is definitely a must-do! And if you plan your trip well, you can witness the biggest battle of sea, the snake boat race. A number of boat races are held in several parts of Kerala every year, but none have been able to match up to the popularity quotient of the Nehru Trophy Boat race, also known as ‘Vallam Kali’. Held in the month of August, tourists from all over the world flock to Punnamada Lake in Alleypey to witness the biggest water carnival.


Amidst the deep dark woods and many jungles of India, Madhya Pradesh is the most popular state when it comes to wildlife tourism. Kanha, Bandhavgarh, and Tadoba not only have most opulent accommodation options but also sighting of tigers isn’t rare. An encounter with the wild cat is a matter of luck so choose a jungle safari wisely and you will get a glimpse into the jungle life. To see them in their natural habitat leaves you wanting for more. You will not mind watching their every move all day long.


It would be a crime not to explore the sunny land of Goa if you are a beach lover. You should totally go there atleast once in your lifetime. The Portugese influence, the laid-back lifestyle and the plethora of beaches makes it the ideal destination for solo travel, honeymooners or families. Goa has a lot more than just beaches to offer. There is all that delicious sea-food, the beautiful white churches and roads lined with palm trees. There are acres of green fields to discover along with hidden forts and waterfalls. While North Goa is the hub for Indian tourists, South Goa is home to international tourists.

With so many unique and wonderful must-have travel experiences in India, let there be no delay in planning a trip to this fabulous country. You will find plenty more attractions to enjoy in India in addition to the ones mentioned above. There is simply no way that anyone who visits India goes back disappointed! Pick whichever place appeals to you most from the list above and mark it for a vacation this year. For your trip, you can book cheap flights at discounted fares with flight booking agency. Fly to India and have the best vacation ever!

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