Looking for easy and quirky Party Decor!!?

Imagine you are fast asleep!!! Suddenly there is a knock at your door, the time is 12 AM. You open the door, and all your best friends are at the doorstep with a beautiful cake and a hell lot of balloons in their hands, to wish you “Happy Birthday”!! And that’s what we call the moment of the day!! Yes, it is for sure!! We all have experienced these kinds of surprise parties from our BFFs, which we cherish for a really long time. And they are worth it!! Any parties can never look bright and colorful without balloons. We cannot deny this fact!!

There are various ways to use balloons for an event!!! The theme decorations are on trend now. All you have to do is, you have to choose a theme, hire a party artist for it and it’s just sorted. The dreamed theme is in front of you!! Life has become so easier in these days.

Though it is a surprise party, baby shower, birthdays at home, birthday celebrations (especially kids), anniversary parties, baby welcome party or even a romantic date…balloons are the main decor to create an appealing atmosphere. But if you are planning for a limited count of the guests, then here are few simple ideas, but creative to plan the party:

  • You can just string up the balloons into any easy structure like pillars, garlands or you can create a basic bunch art out of it on the walls to keep it simple but classic. To design this, all you need is a pair of scissors, yarn needle and some yarn or smooth string and balloons. Then, start threading one end of the yarn needle, and just thread through the necks of the balloons below the knot. The spacing can be arranged once the garland is ready by sliding the balloons along the string. You can also make a bunch of 3-4 balloons and stick it to the wall.


  • It need not be the same color all the time. In order to be more creative and give an emotional feel, you can splash some colors on the balloons, or if your theme is unique and not finding the balloons of the themed color- don’t panic. You can paint the color you wish for, by mixing 2or more colors to grab the one you want. This splatter- glided balloons would be a great idea for bridal shower, little kid’s birthday or any event. The other method is to add the confetti on the surface of balloons, which really stays for a longer time. You just have to add a coat of decoupage glue on the lower surface of an inflated balloon and dip it in a bowl full of confetti. You can also sprinkle some so that there is no gap left in between the confetti.  

  • There is one unique idea, which is really on trend point now: and it’s not helium balloons this time. Attach the inflated balloons to the ceiling with a scotch tape. You can either go for a uniform color, according to the theme or for very colorful ones. You can also use LED balloons if it is for a dinner date which seems very romantic.

  • The other way is, you can decoupage the creative designs on the balloons. You can just cut out the designs you need on the balloons through a color tissue paper. Trace out the design on the tissue paper, apply a thin layer of glue on one side of the design and slowly paste it on the balloon using your fingers to avoid the wrinkles and ripping up of the paper. You can even cut out the letters and paste it on the balloons to give a sensitive and emotional touch for the day.


  • You can also try out something different, by making a balloon wreath. The idea of randomness works out completely here. Take a straw wreath of the size you need and the balloons of your choice. Place a floral pin on each balloon and push the pin into the wreath. Use a twine or a ribbon for hanging it. It looks very attractive!!!

  • Another attractive way to decorate your place is by making balloon bunches. Just blow the balloons in a uniform shape, tie the nozzle and using a cable tie, push it through the nozzles, piercing the latex. You can actually create balloon structures like pillars, arch etc.      

  • Cherry blossom balloons are also attractive and easy to make. You can also try out making a giant tassel for your balloons to add up a little more spice to the decoration. Just cut a strip of crepe paper, of different colors and tape one of the ends together. Now, attach the taped end of the balloon using a scotch tape.

For an icy birthday party, you can arrange an ice cream balloon theme. Yes, you heard it right!! And it is damn easy. Take the printout of an ice cream balloon template, lighter or text paper would be the best fit!!! Curve the paper into a cone shape; staple the overlap in two places leaving a small space at the cone point so that it will be easy for the balloon string to slide through it. Now, blow up all the balloons with helium and tie a string, run the other end of the string (or a ribbon can also do) through the cone and out of the point. Pull the ribbon until balloon sits inside the cone.

All these ideas are some of the easy and the best tricks to make the parties, more alluring, fascinating and dramatic. If you are planning for a very high budget party, then definitely you can seek the assistance from party service providers to get a really creative party artist for balloon decorations. But the overall agenda of parties is to enjoy, and it has to be fulfilled.


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