This Heart Disease Caused Sudden Death While Sleeping

No one expected Mike Mohede (32) went so quickly. Her age is still young and healthy look. Mike called had a heart attack and died while being taken to a hospital.

Mike originally asked permission to take a NAP. However, when you want to be woken up, Mike was already unconscious and declared dead.

Electrical System of the Heart

There are various possibilities of someone at a young age died suddenly. A specialist heart and blood vessels said Yuniadi Yoga one disease that can cause sudden death is a Brugada syndrome.
Brugada syndrome

Brugada syndrome is not normally the electrical system of the heart rhythm abnormalities occur sehinggga.
“It (brugada syndrome) occurs due to abnormalities of ion exchange in heart cells, right in the heart of the Bill become active walking due to ion exchange. If there is disruption on the exchange of ions, particularly sodium, can happen, “explains brugada abnormality Yoga when you call, Monday (1/8/2016).

Yoga of heart rhythm disorders revealed in Brugada syndrome can be fatal ventricular fibrillation, IE. If interruption rhythm ventricular fibrillation lasted for 30 seconds, can be sudden death.

If seen through recording ECG, the cardiac rhythm was not regular. Brugada syndrome is often attacked while sleeping.
“Brugada syndrome is Typically a lot of attack of arrhythmia (heart rhythm disorders) that occurs when sleep,” Advanced Yoga.
Doctors from the HOSPITAL the heart of our hope this explains, a person’s heart rate during sleep right to be slow. While that’s a slow pulsing can appear premature heart rate so as to disrupt the rhythm of the heart.

“The pulse of the rhythm disorders the trigger prematurely. Symptoms are pounding fast and passed out, “said Yoga.
Yoga Brugada syndrome said this could happen at a young age, generally men. Risk factors of Brugada so far allegedly because there is a genetic or family history that have experienced sudden death at a young age.

Besides the Brugada syndrome, heart attack during sleep can also occur. Heart attack due to the blockage of the coronary blood vessels now began many found at a young age.

Yoga is reminiscent of, if you have a family history, died of a heart attack at a young age, Rajinlah health checks. Avoid also the risk factors of the occurrence of heart attacks by keeping healthy eating patterns, diligent exercise, and not smoking.

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