Happy Mom, The Key of Smoothness Breast Milk!

Not all mothers give Breast Milk to smooth the fruit of the heart. Various problems appear when breastfeeding. There are not much complained of Breast Milk to the child trouble sucking the breast.

Doctors and consultants laktBreast Milk Falla younger brother says, the giving of the Breast Milk that is not smooth indeed often make mother worry and panic. However, it thus could inhibit the production and pengeluara Breast Milk.
The Key of Smoothness Breast Milk
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Falla says the mother should avoid stressful conditions. “The key to the smooth running of Breast Milk only one, namely the mother happy,” said Falla in the discussion in @America, Jakarta, Wednesday (3/8/2016).
Falla also explains Breast Milk is influenced by two hormones oxytocin and prolactin, i.e. Prolactin is a hormone that stimulates the production of Breast Milk, while oxytocin Breast Milk triggers the expenditure from the breast of the mother.

Well, the hormone oxytocin is strongly influenced by the mother’s mood. If mom is happy, the production of oxytocin increased. For that, try to keep thinking positive.

According to Falla, the mothers have to prepare yourself while pregnant, especially new moms. “Do not just physical preparation, but also the inner preparation. Read – read the science of last breast Milk, we have the time 9 months, “said Falla.

For example, mothers know that newborn babies have a very small stomach, so indeed yet need much Breast Milk. With such understanding, the mother will certainly be quieter.

Make mom happy also need the support of her husband and the people around him. Avoid creating feelings of mother’s sad or stressed. When feeding, it’s also important to find a nursing position is as comfortable as possible for the mother.

Breast Milk is the best food for babies. Provide exclusive Breast Milk for 6 months. After 6 months, give food companion Breast Milk and Breast Milk remains continued with until the age of two years or more.


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