Child Online Safety and Monitoring Tips for Non-Tech Savvy Parents

The online world is grabbing the attention and dedication of more and more children with each passing day. The little technologists have got to grips with the social media and online platforms for gaming and entertainment purposes.

Fortunately or unfortunately, today’s kids probably know more than their parents and this learning gap has made parenting more complex. The current generation is thrill-seeker who remains ready to get hands on every new gadget, mobile app and game without bothering the potential dangers. The responsibility lies on parents to protect them from the vulnerabilities either by cell phone monitoring or encouraging a secure and responsible use of the digital technologies and the internet.

Follow Age Rules

A majority of children between the age of 10 and 12 have a presence on social media platforms even though the apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter require users to be at least 13 years of age. The insecure social media and instant messaging apps like Tinder, Kik and Line are being used by underage children because there is no age verification process to be followed by the citizens of the online world. It is the responsibility of the parents to prevent their children from using an app which is not appropriate for their age. Do not allow your kids to use the socializing and messaging apps you do not think are safe for them.

Ensure Using Privacy Settings

Make sure to use privacy settings for the online accounts, internet browsers and your internet service. These privacy settings can secure you from the scammers, hackers and viruses. The social media privacy settings can prevent an online predator from accessing your child and collecting information about him. Learn and get your kids learned about the social media privacies and help them make their online presence secure.

Use Web Filtering

The website filtering software helps you block access to the objectionable and age-inappropriate content on the internet. Popular web filtering and parental control software like Net Nanny allows you to make the internet safe for your kids filtering websites and masking the inappropriate text and media.

Set Internet Safety Rules

Set rules for the use of the internet and digital technologies to be followed strictly by the family members. Let your kids what type of stuff they can share on social media and whatnot. Apply Grandma Rule to let your kids understand what things they should post online and what not. Also, set time limits for the use of these technologies to prevent your children from getting addict to their screens.

Monitor Kids’ Online Behavior

The android monitoring app lets you keep tabs on the digital behaviour of your kids. You can detect what type of websites and app your kids are using; what they are doing online and who they are in contact with. As well as digital monitoring, the app lets you supervise the activities of your offspring in real life which is an added benefit.

Avoid Contests and Giveaways Online

While surfing on the internet, your kid may find a pop up telling that he can win a free iPad by clicking on the link. Even the elders can be lured to such offers but the kids are particularly prone. Inform your kid about such internet tricks and the risks attached. These can steal your personal information and inject viruses on your devices. Ask your kids to not participate in any online contest, giveaways and even the fun questionnaires forwarded to them by their friends.

Be a Role Model

If you are checking your emails on the dining table or gazing at Facebook profile at a stop light, you are showing an irrational behaviour to your kids to follow. Always ask yourself if you are setting a good example for your children. Do what you want your kids to follow because your kids are more likely to follow your acts rather than directions.

Talk to Kids about Online Dangers

Have regular discussions with your kids about the technology use and aware them of the potential risks. Let them know who are the strangers, predators and bullies and how to deal with them. This information will help them to use the internet in a safe and responsible manner when they would start using the internet independently and without your supervision.

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