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If you have seen the annals of technology, you see that it has changed in the recent few years. There was a time, when technology changed every century. For example, the period before the industrial revolution. Then the innovations happened one by one and it changed every half of a century. The initial Fast phase started with the invention of usable computers in the last years of 1970s. It continued in the 1980s. The period co-incided with the widespread popularity of internet in the 1990s. And, the world became one global race. And with it, the technology became fast paced. Now, you can see a innovation every day. Coming, to the topic, will we discuss the best news apps for 2018?


The era of 2000 was the decade of computers. In the middle of 2005, technology centered around various mobiles. Yes, there was the creation of languages. Owning a website was a luxury. But it was after 2010, when the millennials entered the workforce, the era of mobiles began. And with it, the apps. In short, 2016 is best described as the “Year of Apps.”

Will we discuss the basics?

When you say “app” the best description you can think of will be in reference to the mobile. But in short, app means applications. A piece of software which can run either via any web browser or even if the internet is offline. It is not necessary that the apps should have connection to the internet. Usually, apps contain less information than a full-fledged website.


The most common are these three – web, mobile and desktop.

Desktops apps do contain more information and have all the features needed for a program. The app for the same will be a simple and easy-to-use version.

Is there a reason for the difference? Yes. For the desktop and web apps, you can use the mouse and keyboard. But for mobile apps, you need only the stylus or finger as the device will have a small screen.

Yes, Web apps may have the total features. Period. Yet, they need to make the use of internet connection as well the web browser program. They can perform the same tasks as desktop or mobile programs. But mobile apps tend to be lightweight.

Is there another app? Yes, the mixture of web app & Desktop app. Hybrid apps is the name. The special features – they have the desktop interface (offline, of course). The advantage – they have access to other devices and hardware. But they remain connected to the internet, other internet devices for quick updates.

Will we look at the examples?

There are apps which you can find in all the three forms. Desktop apps, web apps and mobile apps.

If you look at the Adobe Photoshop image editor, then it is a full software program worked on your desktop. In the mobile app, the Adobe Photoshop Sketch helps you to draw as well paint from portable devices. And you know very well about the web app called as Adobe Photoshop Express Editor.

The next best example, is the Microsoft word. You can use it in desktops, and also available on mobile apps and the web.

But not all apps have the three at the same time. You can get the desktop version, but not the mobile version and that of the app.

Top Best News Apps for 2018

In the olden days, your grandfather bought newspapers for information on world events. The radio news and television broadcast arrived much later. At present, there is no better way to keep abreast of the recent affairs by the smartphone. Your mobile is the first non-living item you pick after bed and the last one to put in the tray at night. During the day, you can gain information about the events in the world. In this article, we will take the best short look at the new apps available for both Android and iOS. So, get, set, ready to welcome the apps for news here –

1.Apple News

You can get this app already fixed if you buy a iOS device. But yes, it is unavailable on Android platforms. The advantage of this app is that it concentrates on quick-loading videos and images. The popular newspapers (National Geographic, The New York Times) have partnered with Apple, so that their reader population increases by numbers. You can select and follow individual topics, depending on your interest. For more information, click here –

apple news app

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2. Google Play Newsstand

As the number one Search Engine’s product, it looks polished and smooth. You can find news from all sources, be it local and international, from the entire globe. The best way to make the most is to set up a plan on the daily events. You can gain more information on the important stories for day. You can even save stories on technology or may be download them (to read at your own valuable time).

Google gives umpteen respect to the recommendation system by its loyal users. So, the app is getting better with regards to the customer’s interests.

You can click the link for iOS and Android. Google Play Newstand for news app

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3. AP Mobile APP

With the Associated Press, you can gain information from all over the globe. With dedicated reporters who focus on all topics and trends, this app is a must-have. But the app’s appearance is shorn of glitz and glamour. But if you are one, interested in the news and not the design, then you can find this app as a worthy resource.

For the iOs version, click here and for the Android, please click this link

AP News App

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4. BBC News

There may be many newspapers and channels all over the world. But, the need is authentic information. The BBC is long respected as a news organisation which covers worldwide events. And it does not bury facts in topics as well news stories. In recent times, the articles and coverage get laded with fun. You also have a live streaming news channel in the app. Have you downloaded the recent BBC news app? If there is a important news happening in your favorite topic, you will get an alert. So, you can keep yourself updated.

For the iOS version, click hereFor the Android, you have to click this link

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5. CNN App

CNN has many firsts to its credit. It was the first 24/7 cable channel. The beauty is that the official app gives the best support/help to the website. Yet, you find articles which throw more focus on American audiences. There are also valuable content, which you can find only in CNN. If you are an individual who wants to catch up on time by watching videos on bus and drives, then this channel is for you.

The link for the iOS version.The link for the Android version.CNN Mobile news APP

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6. Appy Geek

Are you a person interested in tech? And gadgets? Then this app is for you. With ease, you can join the elite of tech geeks by reading articles. Yes, you can receive the best news on technical niche from revered websites all over the world. Either you can receive a daily alerts or a swipe and the articles get filled to the brim. Oh yes, you also have widgets, that allow to see various types of tech news at a glance on the home page. Are you interested in gaming? Then you have a spinoff app also.

For the iOS, this is the link  For the Android, click on this link Appy Geek - best news app

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 7. BuzzFeed/BuzzFeed News

It is very rare, that a website can take the world by storm and that too, in a very short time. The listicles and fun content went viral. But now BuzzFeed has shifted to quality journalism. You can view every detail in the app by customising the article type as per the requirements. There are also other options. You can check the menu for quiz, notice the recent trends and many more. Please note, if you do not like the viral content, then the website also has a newsapp.

For iOS version, click here. For the Android version, it is the link.

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8. SmartNews

The title specifies the meaning, and it is no mere hype. They have the necessary expertise to give the perfect back-up. The app’s design is such, that it can analyze trendy stories and will list them under categories. So you can always look at your favorite niche. The best one, you can have in a minute, and it has the knack of perfection. The news you get is free from clutter and also has the easy-to-browse interface. The technical team has put the perfect technical search algorithm in place.

For the iOS link, click here. The next is for the Android.

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9. Feedly

When Google Reader made an early exit, it resulted in tragedy for many of its users. But it proved to be a shot in the arm for Feedly. Within weeks, the users multiplied. And true to its own business sense, the technical team have made the mobile service a haven for the users. You can save, read as well bookmark articles. There are many publications you can get from the search board of Feedly. It is easy to differentiate them to topics and save them for the next view via bookmarks.

For iOS, click this link. For the Android version, you can click the link.


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