6 upcoming industries in India

If you are moving out of college next year or so, and looking to make a bet on your own business, then you must be searching for the industries that are emerging currently, and you can quickly make money out of those shortly.  Getting with the sectors, India is still a developing country, and hence we lack many different industries which are not well established yet, and consequently doesn’t have much of the competition. Let us talk about a few of these sectors where you must bet your experience, money, and hard work to get some good results and some good results and some good money at the end.

Let us first enlist all the industries then we will have a look at these separately:

  • Travel Industry
  • Digital Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Telecom
  • HealthCare
  • Retail

Travel Industry

With India having a lot of tourist destinations like Goa,kerala etc, the tours and travel industry has grown too huge and is the best among the industries in india.

Everyone likes to travel may be for official work or with family and friends, although the Travel Industry is quite a setup with private and government buses, planes and trains. Still, some apps and companies are coming and placing their bet day by day which makes them entirely future proof, as the travel industry is the only industry where you are not going to notice any drastic falls shortly, and the people will keep on traveling yearlong.

Travel Industry in India

Digital Marketing

This is the best place to file your bet, as Digital Marketing is something which everyone is going to need shortly. All the industries are going digital, and hence there is a need to grab the attention of people digitally which makes the people use Digital Marketers.

If you are going to start up with Digital Marketing, then you must have an entirely excellent practice of the same and must have few of your techniques to promote the content to the masses. Digital Marketing works solely on your techniques.

The main digital marketing practices done today are social media marketing, Seach Engine Optimisation or SEO and email marketing.  If you have these methods, then you must surely go ahead with the industry and get some hard cash earning started. SEO sector has grown in the recent past with everyone starting to google for all information they need. Bangalore being a digital hub, many SEO Consultant have pitched in and are making good money out of these industries in india.

Digital Marketing Industry

Information Technology

India still lacks behind when it comes to the Information Technology department, and still, a lot of jobs are emerging out of their field. The industry is a great place to place your bet if you are looking for some good opportunities in future.

With Information Technology you don’t need to have a large office or a building, but just some good developers and coders and you are good to go. India Brand Equity Foundation has estimated the IT Industry in India to touch a turnover of over 225$ Billion by 2020. Hence if you want to be a part of the huge turnover, then this is a great place.


This sector is the most widespread sector and will be spreading in the next coming years also. Everyone needs to be connected with their loved ones, and even for official communication hence Telecom sector is the best place to take your bet.

Even though in 2015 many thought the things are settled with 4G and 3G and now after six years when 5G will arrive things will change. But with the income of JIO, all the things changed drastically which confirms that Telecom industry is the best place to bet for your plans.


You must be thinking HealthCare means doctors and hospitals, but apart from these two in healthcare there is even more, and you have to believe in the right field in the right direction. Also a Mechanical Engineer can go into the healthcare industry with his/her skills, and you can link almost all type of professions with health care, and hence you must think on starting up something in health care and get to the best place you can in the industry with some minimal efforts as the field is quite less crowded and hence you can easily cross the milestones.


You can even work behind making the retail market more organized and a much better place, the retail market is still unorganized which makes the industry to have a lot of problems. With more and more international players marking their footsteps in India for Retail, you can quickly join hands with them and get ahead with another emerging industry set up for India.

These are some industries in india which you must try to get your bet into and start earning some cash with the new plans.

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