5 Island Choices in Maldives for the different types of honeymooning couples

As you might already be aware that Maldives is not just a place but a group of islands and if you would want to spend your honeymoon hopping from one to the other, you are definitely going to ruin the romantic mood you have started this journey with. What you do need is to narrow down the islands to visit to probably 1 or 2 or maybe 3 at max depending upon the days you have in hand and the get your Honeymoon package Maldives designed. Only then you can relax and enjoy your honeymooning days to the fullest.

Here’s our list of islands for you to explore and indulge in.

For the seclusion of overwater bungalows: Fihalhohi

Many honeymooners would kill for privacy (that’s a phrase understood only by the people with huge people pressure!) Well, Fihalhohi is the best place to escape to because the overwater bungalows are just what the couple might have dreamt when they were thinking solely of each other. Supplied with all the basic as well as luxurious amenities, these bungalows allow the couple to avoid the outer world altogether if that is what they are seeking.

For food connoisseurs: Kuredu Island

The resort by the same name is best in class to experience a really wide variety of cuisines from different places of the world. You not just dig into the food here, you find each other through the food discussions on the breakfast/lunch/dinner table. 4 restaurants in the resort are fully capable of catering and satisfying your taste buds so that you remember your honeymoon long after you are back to your taste buds.

If Scuba Diving is on mind: Biyadhoo Island

Not all couples are made equal and with this, we come to those who boughtMaldiveshoneymoon package just for the water fun, more specifically Scuba Diving. Those who had some experience and others who are ready to get their first taste of this water activity feel very much excited and at a just right place that they would love to come again and again to relive these days. And when you feel like home in water, it’s time for more water activities to try.

For the beach lovers: Nalaguraidhoo Island

Nothing except crystal clear blue waters and sandy beaches, the island gives you a feeling of getting stranded but in style. For added luxury, you can choose to stay in the best of the resorts and take time out to get spa on the island. The unparalleled beauty of the place catches the honeymooners off-guard, even if they have gone to numerous other tropical heavens. The greenery the subtle hint of color from the local flowers would add to your romantic mood.

If you can’t decide and go with the flow: Meeru

Get the best of the choices from things to do, water activities to enjoy, food to dig in and type of accommodation to get cozy in. The place gets cut out for a couple of different needs and demands; you just need to place yours. Water villas, Beach villas, Garden rooms are some of the choices of accommodation to pick from.

So what type of couple you are?

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