5 best vacations Adventure Activities for men

Travel and having some adventures is something that gives a perfect rejuvenation for men. You feel great with a good adrenaline rush during the activity and a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after the travel activity. 

 Most of the below activities will remove fears out of you like the fear of heights, Acrophobia, and fear of water depths, Bathophobia.

Adventure activities will also impart you confidence in life so that are your vacation travel you can get back to work and do a lot more.

Paragliding, flying like a bird

How about flying in the sky free like a bird?

Have you dreamed of flying freely like a bird amid wandering clouds, admiring the nature’s beauty? Paragliding is a thing for you if you’re a brave heart and extremely excited about reading this.

A paraglider is a gliding airplane which uses wind energy and gravity along with the pilot’s muscle power for gliding and landing. The launching for paraglider is done by foot by running across a launch pad. While doing the initial run, the paraglider gets filled with air and is thus the flight is launched.

If you don’t want to take the hassles of learning how to fly a para-glider, you can choose Tandem Paragliding. In most parts, of India, like vagamon tandem paragliding has become famous as it’s a lot easier. In Tandem Paragliding, the wings of the para-glider are stretched much longer than usual so that it can accommodate the weights of 2 people being seated below it. The main pilot will be a seat behind you to operate the paraglider so that you can sit back and enjoy the flight.

Trekking and Night Camping

A person on return after a trekking tour would have undergone a sea of changes and personal improvements. Out of all Nepal is one place which has a lot of long trek trails like the Lower Dolpo Trek, Tsum Valley Trek, Upper Mustang Trek etc.

Trekking calls for using your stamina and willpower to climb up a steep hill or mountain along the pathways and reach the topmost point or a base camp. At the topmost point, you experience the beautiful views of the valley and the chill of the air.

Always limit your personal and grooming stuff and keep it about 15-20KGs. anything beyond that would prove disastrous when you are planning for long treks. Carry water bottle filled and some energy drinks along so that you can keep sipping them during your walk. Consider taking along a first aid kit which includes Paracetamol, Band-Aids straps, and external pain relievers.

Lower Dolpo Trek in Nepal

Scuba Diving

In modern days Scuba Diving is so advanced that you don’t even have to know swimming at all. It’s only that you will take some initial longer time to get the body balance.

In Scuba Diving you go underwaters and keep moving along across the coral reefs and experiencing the fish. You are given Scuba Diving equipment for breathing like Oxygen cylinders, breathing equipment and Body fins for balance.

Two things to note while Scuba Diving is about the ear pain and the breathing rhythm. Ear pain may arise owing to the pressure difference under water. The Scuba Diving tutor can advise you on remediation steps for this.

The second is that you have to breathe in from your mouth and not your nose. We are used to breathing from the nose but underwater the Scuba Diving gear will keep our nose closed.

Sky Diving

It’s hard to describe the feeling of Sky Diving in mere words. After the free fall, you feel a great level of accomplishment.

Below are the steps of sky diving

  • For Sky Diving you will be taken to a high altitude point like 15,000ft ie in the middle of skies in a helicopter.
  • The helicopter journey will be around 20mins.
  • From the height, you have to jump down to the earth and you will be falling freely at a speed of 160 – 180 mph depending on your body weight and the exact height of a jump.
  • Freefall will be around 60-70 secs.
  • At a height of 2,500ft you have to fire open the parachute so that your speed gets limited.

For safety measures there should always be a secondary parachute attached to an Automatic Activation Device so that is case the primary fails of the jumper fails to open it, the AAD will fire open the secondary parachute. This will considerably reduce your free fall speeds to speed that you are safe for landing.

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